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She Who Dwells In The Secret Place
Of The Most High Shall Abide Under The Shadow Of The Almighty


O filii et filiae

[Written by Jean Tisserand, O.F.M. (d. 1494)]
[vocals by sinéad o'connor]

O filii et filiae,
Rex coelestis, Rex gloriae
morte surrexit hodie. Alleluia

Allelúia, Allelúia, Allelúia.
Et mane prima sábbati,
Ad óstium monuménti
Accessérunt discípuli.

Et Maria Magdalene,
et Iacobi, et Salome
Venerunt corpus ungere.

Allelúia, Allelúia, Allelúia.
Beáti qui non vidérunt,
Et fírmiter credidérunt,
Vítam ætérnam habébunt.

Allelúia, Allelúia, Allelúia.
De quíbus nos humíllimas
Devótas atque débitas
Deo dicámus Grátias.

O ye sons and daughters

Ye sons and daughters of the Lord,
the King of glory, King adored,
this day Himself from death restored.

All in the early morning gray
went holy women on their way,
to see the tomb where Jesus lay.

Of spices pure a precious store
in their pure hands these women bore,
to anoint the sacred Body o'er.Alleluia

Oh, blest are they who have not seen
their Lord and yet believe in Him!
eternal life awaitheth them. Alleluia

Whose mercy ever runneth o'er;
Whom men and Angel hosts adore;
to Him be glory evermore. Allelui

Translation by Fr. Edward Caswall (1814-1878).
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